Towards simple, beautiful schooling in a complex, changing world.

In the face of so much movement around us, how does school as we know it, remain so familar and seemingly resistant to any largely noticeable difference to generations past?

What are we supposed to do? Does it matter?

If we take the way we do schooling as a given, what happens when we start to ask questions about the answers?

What if school is not broken enough to reform?

In our age of more is presumed to be better, why does it seem like we are assessing more of what’s easy, rather than more of what’s important?

What if the problem in the advertising of school is that there is no problem?

What if a potent mix of societal pressure and the misinterpretation of the most common literature might mean our early childhood efforts are making the wrong difference as much as the right one?

Given all the variables and thoughts of what schooling and education is and should be, what if there’s not actually a reasonable way forward?

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